The world's search and analytics service for crowdfunding and
peer-to-peer finance

Crowdsurfer is building the powerful, global, search and analytics dashboard for all types of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer finance.

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We're building one dashboard for the world of collaborative finance

Analyse the global growth of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer finance with coverage of
over 228 countries.

Monitor trends and uncover new opportunities by searching our database of over 536.2 million data points for transactions both past and current.

Visualise where billions of dollars have been raised and invested to date through platforms pioneering this new financial ecosystem.

Who can we help?

We help those impacted by collaborative finance understand their opportunities and threats.

Our 536.2 million data points covering 1,845 collaborative finance platforms offers insight for both private and public organisations, and investors.


  • Understand alternative finance
  • Monitor market development
  • Track rates and deals
  • Compare crowdfunding/P2P opportunities


  • Identify disruptive innovations
  • Understand crowd-based finance
  • Assess market validation
  • Boost your market intelligence


  • Anchor your advice to data
  • Build new finance expertise
  • Stay ahead of client needs
  • Understand crowd finance

What are people saying?

Crowdsurfer's dashboard does everything I want it to do.

— David Swetman
Acquisitions Executive,

Crowdsurfer's data dashboard demystifies crowd finance for businesses.

— David Gammon

Crowdsurfer's database is an invaluable resource.

— Jonathan Segal
Partner, FinTech and Alternative Finance,
Fox Williams LLP

The dashboard really makes it easy for a platform to get the "lay of the land" very quickly.

— Victoria Krane
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